Type “L” 12th Scale Conversion

Introducing to you the next evolution in 12th scale pan cars – The McFactory Motorsports Type “L”!  The “L” is in honor of National Champion Donny Lia, who was instrumental in the development of this new car.

The Type “L” is designed for the new high bite black CRC carpet and has the following features:

Inverted Sidelink Mounts:
Allows for a narrower chassis

Narrowed Chassis:
Allows for more chassis roll on the high grip carpet without dragging, moves weight closer to the center of the car

Raised Front Carbon Bumper:
Removes nose weight and solves the “dragging” issues everyone has on the new carpet

Recessed Tape Slot:
No more tape getting cut/caught

The Type “L” conversion will be made for the following chassis’:

  • CRC
  • Associated
  • Serpent
  • TOP
  • SpeedMerchant
  • Roche
  • Xray

The Xray will also come with the rear pod moved 2mm towards the diff and a new top plate (Which are the big changes coming on the X12 ’17)

Photos are of a Roche Rapide P12 conversion.  Orca shock mount is optional (the Orca screws to the chassis – another innovation from McFactory).  Non Orca kits will utilize the standard shock mounts from whatever chassis you are converting.

The Type “L” conversion will also be made available with a carbon main chassis plate for those people still running on the old grey lower grip carpet.